Former Members

Cristian Olivares-Rodríguez
Cristian Olivares-Rodríguez is a Computer Scientist at Catholic University of Concepción (Concepción, Chile, 2006) with a specialization in pattern recognition applied to documents categorisation. Also, he obtained a Master in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence at Autonomous University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain, 2010) related to textures analysis. Additionally, he obtained a PhD. in Engineering at University of Deusto. He is interested on modelling of human behavior by means of patterns recognition, with applications in education and in heuristic problems.
Pablo Espeso
Pablo Espeso Tascón holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering (Universidad de Valladolid, 2013) and a Master's degree in Educational Research (UVa, 2016). He has been Head of Facilitators at the Young Programmers Club (CJP @ UVa, 2011-2017), and since 2005 has worked as editor in spanish digital magazines, like Xataka (gadgets and technology), Xataka Móvil (world of mobile phones and smartphones) and Educación 3.0 (innovation and resources for education), among others. His main field of interest is educational programming and coding; he is currently involved in OSOS (Open Schools for Open Societies) project.
Aitor Ugarte
Aitor Ugarte is studying a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Deusto. Since September 2017 he collaborates as a Scholar in Learning research team in the following tasks:

-Handling Wordpress for the official website.
-Development and design of the personal website (mlguenaga).
-Development of COMPUS, an application for mobile devices, with Ionic
-Give workshops to school children during the DeustoForum event (Kodetu, Scratch and App Inventor).
-Management of all the data referring to the publications and projects in which the members of the team have participated.
Sandra Bräuer

Sandra Bräuer is a Primary Education teacher with English mention, by the University of Deusto since 2016. Has studied a master’s degree in innovative education in Carlos III University, and some courses about Flipped Classrooms, PBL (problem-based learning), project-based learning, GBL (game-based learning), scape rooms in primary education, for example. Actually, Sandra works in Deusto Learning Lab as a researcher assistant, with InspiraSTEAM project, OSOS (Open Schools for Open Societies) project or Trastea project.