Mariluz Guenaga

PhD in computer engineering, she is lecturer at the Engineering Faculty - University of Deusto (1998) and director of Deusto LearningLab group (2011). She obtained her PhD with the thesis “Integral Accessibility of Digital Resource Centers for People with Visual Disability”. Her research interests focus on the innovative use of technology in STEAM education, learning analytics and game-based learning. She teaches subjects related to computer programming, human-computer interaction and information visualization.

Pablo Garaizar

Pablo Garaizar holds a PhD in Computer Engineering and a BSc in Psychology. He splits his work day at University of Deusto between Faculty of Engineering and Deusto Learning Lab research unit. As a lecturer, he is specialized in GNU/Linux, computer networks and web development, but he is also actively involved in research projects regarding causal learning processes, Internet-based research, and exploring new ways of using Information and Communication Technologies to enhance learning processes at Deusto Learning Lab research unit. His work has been published in journals that combine Computer Engineering and Psychology such as Behavior Research Methods, Computers in Human Behavior, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Thinking Skills and Creativity, or Soft Computing.

Andoni Eguíluz

Andoni Eguíluz is researcher and lecturer at Engineering Faculty at the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) since 1991. Fellow of the Advanced Study Program of MIT, 1996. Teaching subjects related to software development & design, videogames, multimedia and compilers. Actually researching and working on projects related to technology & audiovisual contents oriented to education, games, multimedia & technology innovation. Director and developer of hundreds of software projects. Creator and CEO of a commercial company for social applications of technology (2004-2012). He is also promoter of projects for women and technology as Ada Byron Award to Technologist Woman, or Inspira mentoring program for girls.

Oihane Zarate

Oihane Zarate is research assistant at Deusto Learning Lab. Graduated from Telecommunications Engineering department at the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) in 2016. She works on projects related to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) areas promotion in education, preparing and providing training to pre-university students and teachers in different disciplines like educational robotics and programming and digital culture. Her main interest is focused on computational thinking development and innovative use of technology in schools. She is also involved in several European projects such as NextLab or PLATON.

Iratxe Mentxaka

Iratxe Menchaca PhD in Education (2019). She got a degree in Pedagogy at the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) in 2005. She is researcher at Deusto Learning Lab since 2011 and works on the educational design of learning objects and as pedagogical consultant in several projects such as NextLab, Platon, IDiverSE, MissToHit or MakeWorld. Her research areas include innovative use of technology in education, learning analytics, instructional design, competence assessment, and the integration of games and mobile devices in education. She has experience as educational consultant, on-line tutor and responsible for the management, programming and evaluation of  sociocultural activities.

Olga Dziabenko

Olga Dziabenko is an instructional designer at the Deusto LearningLab group. Her research skills and interests include development and implementation of innovative learning and teaching scenarios. She is a leader and principal researcher of numerous European projects (Horizon2020, FP7, Erasmus+, and so on.) for incorporating technology enhance methodology in curriculum of secondary and higher education sectors. She is the editor of the research work “IT Innovative Practices in Secondary Schools: Remote Experiments” as well as the author of papers in various e-learning and computer science conferences and journals. Olga received M.Sc. in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia).

Javier García Zubía

Javier García Zubía holds a PhD in Computer Engineering at the University of Deusto and currently he is lecturer on it. His teaching area focuses on digital electronics and programmable logic devices (FPGA, SoC). In research his works focuses mainly on Technology Enhanced Learning, and more specifically in the area of remote laboratories. This work has allowed him to participate in international projects Go-Lab in FP7 and Next-Lab in H2020 and others), edit books focused on remote experimentation (Using remote labs in education and others) and publish journals and conferences of international impact (IEEE Trans. On Industrial Electronics, IEEE Trans. On Education and others). The WoS database references 62 published works and assigns an h-index of 6.

Ekaitz Polledo

Ekaitz Polledo is research assistant in Deusto LearningLab since 2015. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering (2016) and a Master Degree in Computer Engineering (2018). He has been involved in several projects related to serious games, computational thinking, gender equity or classroom interaction. He is currently participanting in MoPED and STEAM Decks international projects and has developed Kodetu (Computational thinking development), Tichnology (Classroom Teacher-Student Interaction tool) and SuperWoman (Gender equity mobile game). Currently, he is developing his PhD research project focusing on the development of Computational Thinking skills.

Ioanna Kanellopoulou

Ioanna Kanellopoulou holds a degree from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of University of Patras and a Master's Degree in ICT in Education (University of Patras, 2015). She has been involved in several projects related to Computational Thinking, online learning, support and promotion of ICT in education as a member of the Educational Technology Sector of Computer Technology Institute of Patras, Greece. In October 2017 she joined LearningLab team as a PhD research candidate focusing on the research topic "Learning Analytics for Computational Thinking assessment" under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND action.

Aitor Santamaria Zuluaga

Aitor Santamaria Zuluaga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Deusto, and works in Learning Lab team since the beginning of the course 2018/2019. His main field of interest is everything related to teaching, together with the use of technology. He manifests special interest in mathematics and the area of software engineering. Presently he cooperates training and helping primary and secondary school teachers to understand and teach technological knowledge to their students, imparting different courses and seminars. His leading ambition is becoming a lecturer, and he is enthusiastic in learning.

Alejandro Lorite

Alejandro Lorite is studying his last year of a 5-year-long double degree in Computer Science + Industrial Electronics and Automation at the University of Deusto. He has also been working for the university for 3 years directly supporting programming classes' students, as well as students from other universities and high schools.

His main fields of interest focus on developing small and useful projects and devices for everyday life. He believes that learning is key for a society to flourish and technology can make learning more accessible and prosperous for all.

María Baliño

María Baliño is studying her second year of an Industrial, Electronics and Automation Degree at Deusto University. She collaborates as a scholar in Learning research team and monitores schools and regions which are going to take part of Inspira STEAM.

Her main strong points are being tenacious and organized on his studies and jobs.

Also, she is concerned about learning about new technologies which can help to ease our daily lifes.

Inés Darpont

Inés Darpont Cumia is a Business Administration & Management Development student who is currently coursing her last year, therefore ready to enter the professional world. Not only does she seek to improve academically, but she is also interested in her personal development. She has a special interest in Consultancy and Finance specializations, areas she looks forward to exploring during her 6 months internship.

Boasting skills of initiative, high organizational capacity and a passion for languages - especially English.

She is actually a member of the InspiraSTEAM proyect, organizing and managing the mentors who take part in the Basque Country.