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Garcia-Zubia, Javier; Cuadros, Jordi; Romero, Susana; Hernández, U.; Orduña, Pablo; Guenaga, Mariluz; Gonzalez-Sabate, Lucinio; Gustavsson, Ingvar

Empirical Analysis of the Use of the VISIR Remote Lab in Teaching Analog Electronics Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Education, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 149-156, 2017, ISSN: 0018-9359.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Current measurement, Education, Electrical resistance measurement, Internet, Remote laboratories, Resistors


Orduña, Pablo; Almeida, Aitor; Lopez-de-Ipiña, Diego; Garcia-Zubia, Javier

Learning Analytics on federated remote laboratories: tips and techniques Conference

Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), 2014 IEEE, IEEE, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-4799-3191-0.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: context, educational institutions, Engineering Education, Internet, protocols, Remote laboratories


Garaizar, Pablo; Vadillo, Miguel A.; Lopez-de-Ipiña, Diego

Benefits and Pitfalls of Using HTML5 APIs for Online Experiments and Simulations Conference

Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation, IEEE, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4673-2542-4.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: application programming interface, best practices, Internet, standards