PLATON e-Agora: access the PLATON materials

PLATON e-Agora: access the PLATON materials

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Within the framework of the European project PLATON: Promoting innovative Learning Approaches for the Teaching Of Natural science, several open resources have been created and made available to the entire educational community. All the resources are on the PLATON website,, in the e-Agora section, and all of them are available in English, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

Among the resources that you can find there, is the 3D Interdisciplinary Map of Science Ideas, which allows to introduce an interdisciplinary approach in the science class. In addition, there are the interdisciplinary inquiry-based activities related to different science topics, perfect to work science through the PLATON methodology in the classroom.

There is also a series of Massive Open Online Courses, which will allow teachers to learn the PLATON methodology in a simple way and develop their teaching style by adding inquiry practices.

Within the PLATON project, the assessment of the students is of great value and for this purpose specific assessment materials have been developed adapted to the activities proposed in PLATON.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a look at all the resources available on PLATON e-Agora to learn more about the PLATON methodology and start working it in the classroom.